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Communities Currently In Development

*For questions or inquiries please contact Graeme Melton, Vice-President, Community Development, for Melcor USA. Please note: this is an international phone call to our office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and international charges will apply.

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Phone: +1.403.270.1294

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Community Location Acres Lots Land Status
Harmony Aurora, CO 1,366 3,900 Homes available
Miller 60 Buckeye, AZ 62 NA Undeveloped
NWC Miller Road & Southern Avenue Buckeye, AZ 17 NA Undeveloped
NEC Miller Road & Southern Avenue Buckeye, AZ 15 NA Undeveloped
Paseo Place 1 Goodyear, AZ 43 136 Agricultural
River's Edge Tucson, AZ 6.5 22 Undeveloped
La Privada Goodyear, AZ 198 578 Agricultural
E470 Commercial Aurora, CO 42 NA Undeveloped


Building Quality Communities

Since 1923 our focus has been the business of real estate. We are committed to building communities that enrich quality of life—communities where people want to live, work, shop, and play.